Monday, April 28, 2008

April 28 2008

We Started hiking really early, at 6:15, and did 12 miles by 12:15, when we arrived at Trail Angel Mike's house. The trail went through some boulder strewn desert that was really different, with skeletons of oaks & pines. Agua Caliente Creek , which the trail followed for a while in the first mile or two, was running pretty full and it was pleasantly cool along its canyon. There were a lot of ceanthus bushes along this section of trail, which made it smell absolutely wonderful.
Mike's house was a blast, there were fruit and beverages and buckets of soap to wash your feet. And a weight lifting area, a hammock, & piles & piles of grinding wheels, which Mike's company apparently makes. We did a little yardwork to repay Mike's kindness ( he wasn't actually around, so hopefully he'll get home and notice its a bit tidier) As we hung out, more & more of the hikers we'd met at the kick-off started showing up and it got a little overwhelming/crowded. We hit the trail again around 6 and reached the camp 2 miles up the hill before 7, ate dinner, & heard a bit more from the book "A Path with Heart" by Jack Kornfield.

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